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Product Introduction:
The Advent Calendar will fill your Christmas countdown with vibrancy. It features a recommended combination of 24 Christmas teas, sweets, and miscellaneous items, including limited edition items exclusive to this set. With the lyrics of “Chanter Noel (Let Us Sing Christmas),” various performers will joyfully present the 24 days leading up to Christmas. I look forward to seeing the contents, including the performances.

The winter night sky blossoms with dazzling fireworks, displaying exquisite colors with deep blue tones. It’s a fantastic design that can be showcased in your room for an extended period. The inner cover reads “24 partitions de bonheur,” which in French means “24 partitions of happiness.” We created this with the hope that people can share time together, not through words, but through sharing tea.

The small boxes come in various sizes, making the process of opening them one by one enjoyable. Dates are written on top, and after opening, they can be flipped over for display. It is recommended for placement in your home and as a gift.

Limited quantity/time
Shelf life: 6 months from the production date (tea leaves), 180 days (Western-style sweets)
Due to the tea bags being directly placed in the can, the shelf life is set at 6 months.
Contains allergenic ingredients: milk (Western-style sweets)
Because it is a mixed tea bag, the ingredients and flavors may slightly differ from loose tea.
Due to the product’s characteristics, taste and appearance may vary slightly.
This product does not contain alcohol.
When brewing tea, coconut oil may float on the surface, but this does not affect the quality of the tea.
The peach flavor of Je t’aime steak is seasoned with spices.
Je t’aime éclatin has a rich passion fruit and mango flavor.
Je t’aime pur’s La France and lychee are seasoned with spices.
Please consume immediately after opening.

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