TOKYO TULIP ROSE Tulip Rose Cookies 18 pieces


18 pieces (strawberry x6/caramel nut x6/mango x6)

TOKYO TULIP ROSE is a dessert shop opened by Mr. Kanei Rihito, a pastry chef who studied in France. He wants to make some desserts with “the most beautiful shapes and the best taste”. He is a very thoughtful pastry chef. His signature is the series. “Tulip Rose Cookies”.

TOKYO TULIP ROSE’s signature dessert, Tulip Rose Biscuits, is a combination of tulips and roses in appearance. The outer tulip petals are crispy “Cat Tongue Biscuits” orchid summer biscuits, and the rich aroma of roses is chocolate that melts in your mouth. The crispy pie crust is sandwiched between whipped cream and chocolate, and the outermost layer is made of Landosia biscuits that gently wrap the two.

A set of three flavors: sweet and sour fruits (strawberry & raspberry), caramel nut with deep flavor, and refreshing mango.

Pink is strawberry and red raspberry (Berry)
Brown is full of caramel nut aroma (Caramel Nuts)
Yellow is passion fruit and mango flavor (Passion Mango)

Expiration date: 20 days from the date of manufacture

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