SUNMEIDO Seasonal limited cherry blossom cake


SUNMEIDO main store was founded in 1900, that is, Meiji 33. The founder was Nakagawa Yasugoro. His younger brother Miyazaki Jinzaemon brought honey cake to Tokyo and used advertising to make this pastry a well-known dessert throughout Japan, that is, The Nihonbashi Bungie Honey Cake that everyone in Tokyo is well-known for has subsequently developed pastry companies named Bungie. Because each has its own confectionery, although the taste is different, the Nagasaki Bungie main store still retains the tradition. It’s no exaggeration to say that this is a long-established store that has made Nagasaki Honey Cake famous. The main store of Nagasaki Bundo retains the traditional techniques and flavors of Castella since its opening. The ingredients are also carefully selected “Nanban eggs” developed with contract farms, maltose fermented with glutinous rice, and special sugar granules on the bottom. Make the flavor taste more special.

🍓Limited Sakura Flavored Nagasaki Cake, sold out on March 21st.
Tasting period: Approximately 10-14 days after arrival in Hong Kong
Storage method: Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity

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